The Oratory of Santa Maria dei Bianchi houses the great masterpiece "The Adoration of the Magi", painted by Perugino in 1504

The construction of the Church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi can be traced back to the birth of the Compagnia dei Disciplinati Bianchi in Città della Pieve, which according to sources may have occurred in the 13th century by Blessed Raniero Fasani.

The church, with an adjoining hospital dedicated to the care of pilgrims, was built along the ancient route of the Via Romea Germanica. It was nicknamed chiesarella (small church) and had a single nave and a wooden truss ceiling. The church today is the result of a complete remodeling dating back to 1713, when the hospital turned into a church, the actual Church of Santa Maria dei Bianchi and the old church into an Oratory.

Renovation works lasted for decades, the facade was not completed until 1778.

In 1504, the Confraternita dei Disciplinati commissioned Perugino to paint the “Adoration of the Magi“, that decorates the entire back wall.

Grace, elegance, the landscape of Umbria, the bright colors and a reference to classical antiquity are the unique elements that made Perugino one of the greatest Renaissance Masters. It also features the Holy Family and the Magi surrounded by a large number of richly dressed characters, knights and noblemen.

One of the largest landscapes ever painted by the artist that shows the beauty and the wonderful scenery of his hometown: the views of the Trasimeno Lake and the Chiana Valley.